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10 recommended books to read this summer

Reading a good book is one of the most enjoyable activities we have in life. Yes, it sounds exaggerated … that’s why we encourage you to feel and enjoy this feeling in the first person. In fact, not long ago a study was published that said that frequent reading of books increases our happiness. And what better than to encourage people to be happy? And what better than to achieve it through reading?

There is a wide variety of books for all tastes. There are detective, romantic, suspense, scary, humorous, historical novels … Both bookstores and libraries are loaded with books with which to have a good time and make them good travel companions and “friends”. Of course, and as we have hinted, there are many genres, from many publishers and many authors who are waiting to leave their mark on you. And that is why we have proposed from Baratz to facilitate the choice and let you know our readers’ tastes.

We hope the following list of books is to your liking. Perhaps you have already read many of them, or you are not interested because they are not your tastes, or you have already covered your quota of books pending reading. You might even like the ones we recommend to read in spring. Be that as it may, we hope that this list of recommended books will help you to enjoy the happiness of reading in this season of the year that we have just released.

1- Sapiens: From Animals to Gods

70,000 years ago at least six species of humans inhabited the Earth. Today there is only one left, ours: Homo Sapiens. How did our species prevail in the struggle for existence? Why did our gathering ancestors come together to create cities and kingdoms? How do we come to believe in gods, nations or human rights; to trust money, books or laws? How did we end up subjected to bureaucracy, schedules and consumerism? And what will the world be like in the millennia to come?

2- A hidden voice

Shahab loves to watch the moon shine in the night sky, silent, like him, who has never said a word.

It is not a disease, it is not mute, it has simply decided that the time to speak has not yet come. Of course, everyone considers him a troublesome child, even less savvy than other boys his age, and when mockery and animosity make an appearance, his father, Naser, finds neither the time nor the desire to defend your child or understand their silence. Thus, Shahab locks himself in a universe of his own from which his mother, Mariam, the only one who believes in him, will try to rescue him, a cultured and educated woman who knows first-hand the damage that misunderstanding and indifference can inflict on a person. Day after day, Shahab will discover that sometimes the path that leads to people’s hearts is long and winding, but that ultimately the truth always finds a way to remove the gag and make its voice heard.

3- The invisible fire

David Salas, a promising linguist from Trinity College Dublin, meets, after landing in Madrid for his holidays, with Victoria Goodman, an old friend of his grandparents, and with his young assistant, a mysterious art historian. That event will upset his plans and push him into a surprising race to find out what happened to one of the students at the school of literature run by Lady Goodman. To his surprise, the key seems to be hidden in the myth of the grail and its connection to Spain.

Remote Romanesque churches in the Pyrenees, art collections in Barcelona, ​​old books and strange stone codes are lined up in a plot full of intrigue that will make us think about the origin of all true inspiration, literature and art.

4- The disoriented

An unexpected call leads Adam, an Arab history teacher, to return to his homeland after twenty-five years in exile. Everything remains the same, time has not passed by the places he frequented, associated with the names of his youthful friends, who wanted to change the world and it was they who ended up changing due to a war that separated them and led each one through different roads. With the help of the ever-beautiful and rebellious Semiramis, Adam tries to reunite those who have survived. “Los desorientados” is Amin Maalouf’s most personal and emotional novel; a universal reflection on friendship, love, memory, exile, identity and the need to build bridges between East and West, always present in his writing.

5- The Archivist of the Lubyanka

Novel of intrigue, “The Archivist of the Lubyanka” takes place in Moscow, in the context of the worst times of Stalinism. Pavel Dubrov works in the archives of the Lubyanka, the headquarters and prison of Stalin’s political police. His daily work consists of classifying the works of the persecuted writers, and imprisoned there, to later destroy them. His life passes without emotion or hope, between boredom and nostalgia, but also with insecurity and the fear of falling from grace. The day he must interrogate a prisoner named Isaak Bábel, his life will undergo a radical turn, as his decision will set in motion an exciting sequence of events that will take the reader to the desired outcome.

6- Life at times

In La vida at times the reader is as much the protagonist as the narrator, because he secretly discovers a story that, in fiction, has not been created to be known by anyone other than the one who writes it.

It is the diary of more than three years of life of a character -curiously also called Juan José Millás-, who is so free, so neurotic, and funny, and ironic and hypochondriacal as we only show ourselves when nobody sees us. The visits to the psychoanalyst, the writing workshop, the walks through a city that never stops placing him in the face of surprising situations, family, friends … Everything is normal, everything seems bland until, when turning a corner of reality, he appears the extraordinary, the surreal. And it dazzles us.

7- The 88 steps to success

After a brilliant career as an entrepreneur, Anxo Pérez observed that there are a series of keys – which the author refers to as Steps – which, correctly assimilated, become accelerators of success.

In this book, the author offers us 88 keys to success in life and in business: precise, practical and tremendously effective, whose application is of immediate effect.

These Steps will accelerate your career towards your goals, allow you to take advantage of the potential that you already carry within and will help you achieve your challenges from the very day you read them.

This book will revolutionize your personal and professional life.

8- Sweet song

Myriam, a mother of two children, decides to resume her work at a law firm despite her husband’s reluctance. After a meticulous selection process to find a babysitter, they decide on Louise, who quickly conquers the hearts of the children and becomes an essential figure in the home. But little by little the trap of interdependence is going to turn into a drama.

9- The beach of the drowned

One morning, the corpse of a sailor is swept by the tide to the shore of a Galician beach. If his hands were not tied, Justo Castelo would be another of the children of the sea who found his grave in the waters while working. Without witnesses or a trace of the deceased’s boat, the laconic inspector Leo Caldas immerses himself in the seafaring atmosphere of the town, trying to clarify the crime between men and women who refuse to reveal their suspicions and who, when they decide to speak, point in too unusual a direction. A hazy affair for Caldas, who is going through difficult days: his father’s only brother is seriously ill and his radio collaboration on Onda Vigo is becoming unbearable. Neither does the impulsive nature of Rafael Estévez, his Aragonese assistant, who does not quite adapt to the inspector’s way of being, makes things easier.

10- Know how to lose

Sylvia turns sixteen on the day this novel begins. To celebrate, organize a fake party that only has one guest. Hours later, he will suffer an accident that will mean his entry into adult life. His father, Lorenzo, is a separated man who tries to overcome his wife’s abandonment and job failure. Ariel Burano is a young soccer player who leaves Buenos Aires to sign for a Spanish team. With his gifted left leg, it will be a matter of time before the stadium chooses his name. And time is what the old Leandro does not have, who lives in that time where almost everything collapses. These are the four main characters in Saber Lose. With the relationships between them a tale of survivors is woven, with a powerful narrative punch and rich in nuances. A look capable of extracting humor and emotion in each curve of the road, but that claims, above all, the wonderful adventure of living. This is David Trueba’s third novel after his breakthrough with Open All Night, which Der Spiegel defined as “an orgy of laughter,” and Four Friends, a book that lives a continuous idyll with readers since 1999.