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The 9 Best Cookery and Gastronomy Books of 2020

Books are not just for math, a good book can shatter the cooking myths that are in your mind. We recommend these great cookbooks to broaden your gastronomic knowledge.

Do you want to improve your culinary techniques with the best cookbooks to surprise your guests at your next meeting? Would you like to learn the style and methods of the great masters through their gastronomy books?

In this select series of books, you will learn different gastronomic styles, both traditional Spanish dishes and French, Italian and other international flavors, as well as tips and tricks to improve when cooking.

You could even learn the recipes behind the top vending machines with the most delicious foods you’ve ever eaten.

Aimed at both novices and experienced, these are the 9 best cookery and gastronomy books for foodies.

Cooking day by day: 1095 recipes. 365 menus for the four seasons

Would you like to eat a different dish every day for a whole year? Do you need to renew your diet or do you want to try different recipes? With Karlos Arguiñamo’s book you are resolved.

As the title says, with 1065 recipes and 365 meals for all seasons , you have plenty to vary your cuisine and try many combinations that will make your mouth water.

In it you will find step-by-step instructions on how to cook salads, soups, meats, chickens, desserts and much more, with ingredient recommendations that you can find in any store or supermarket and according to what seasons.

Famous for his culinary skills, Karlos Arguiñamo Urkiola is, in addition to being a cook, actor, writer, businessman and presenter of television programs such as Karlos Arguiñamo’s Open Kitchen program (changed to Karlos Arguiñano in your kitchen) on the air since 2010.

Author of numerous books on cooking, in addition to an extensive gastronomic career, there is no better ally when it comes to getting new flavors for you and your family.

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Cocina Madre: simple and traditional recipes to cook at home

Joan Roca, as part of a tribute to his mother, Montserrat Fontané, the progenitor of the Roca family and forerunner of Celler de Can Roca , a restaurant located in Gerona, Spain. It was considered the best restaurant in the world in 2013 and 2015 by Restaurant Magazine .

According to the author himself, this is a cookbook that is intended to be a manual without too many technicalities, made so that anyone can take advantage of it and cook the dishes displayed in it.  

Joan Roca is one of the most renowned chefs, both in Spain and internationally. And, although it is known for innovating with its gastronomy, in Cocina Madre brings together 80 recipes of the most traditional, authentic and loving gastronomy , which has been part of a family that loves cooking.

Recipes that follow a traditional scheme consisting of starters, fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and sweets, all full of Joan’s special touch.

In short, if you want to amaze your family or guests with spectacular recipes without complicating your life too much, Cocina Madre is a book that you cannot miss.

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Cookology: The Science of Cooking

Have you ever wondered how to get a steak to its exact point? Or if it is necessary to leave the skin of the fish when cooking?

The answers to these and many other questions are in Cookology , a manual that teaches you how things work in the kitchen, and how to improve with certain techniques and recipes.

Turn your kitchen into a real laboratory with this book. Learn about the science behind processes, elaborations and concepts of gastronomy.

Divided into a series of chapters where tips and methods on how to cook meat, fish, poultry, legumes, vegetables, among others, are explained, as well as tricks such as saving a very salty or spicy dish, what difference exists between a farm chicken, organic or free-range, or how the vegetables should be cooked to preserve their nutrients.

The book is fully illustrated with images and photos that reinforce the content, explained scientifically, with real and truthful data.

An excellent kitchen manual to consult again and again, ideal to have it on hand in case it is necessary to review a subject.

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Tribute to the Marchioness of Parabére

This is a book that pays tribute to María Mestayer de Echagüe and at the same time, thanks to such an important and illustrious character, it is also a tribute to Spanish cuisine and the foundations on which it is currently based.

The book is divided into two volumes, the first one lets us know some of the most important recipes of the Marchioness of Parabére , with the occasional author’s note to clarify the tools or techniques used during the time they were conceived.

The second volume is a selection of 50 of the most important recipes by María Mestayer , recreated by some of the best chefs in the world, among them are:

María Mestayer Jaquet was born on December 20, 1887 in Bilbao. Daughter of Eugenio Mestayer and Melier, consul of France in Bilbao, and María Jaquet De la Salle, daughter in turn of a famous French banker located in Bilbao.

Thanks to such relatives – which allowed him to move through the circles of the cosmopolitan world of the time – gave him the opportunity to meet important Spanish and French chefs.

Always an entrepreneurial woman, she opened her own restaurant in Madrid with the company of four of her eight children. La Cocina Completa y Confitería y Pastry achieved a superlative and fast degree of success thanks to the fame of María and the two books that she had already published to date.

After a second restaurant opened between 1941 and 1944, the Marquise de Parabére passed away in 1949 without ever completing what could have been a unique work of its kind throughout the world: the Culinary Encyclopedia of the Marquise de Parabere.

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The complete Bocuse

If you are a fan of good cuisine, especially French cuisine, this book is the one for you. Written by a world renowned French gastronomic legend, Paul Bocuse shares his knowledge on what he is most passionate about.

This great chef, who has been awarded three Michelin stars and other great international recognitions, has written this book offering his style and methods so that readers can recreate such exquisite dishes.

The book is divided into 22 chapters, 14 of common dishes and 8 of desserts and sweets in which it explains in detail how to prepare them so that both beginners and advanced in the culinary arts will be successful in their kitchen.

500 proposals by the great Paul Bocuse   that will taste like glory. Once you read this book, your gastronomy will not be the same.

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The chef’s garden  

For some time now, much has been said about the media situation of the best chefs in the world, and that due to the famous and popular they are, they can contribute more to society than just their excellent gastronomy.

In a time where concern for the environment is on everyone’s lips – or the majority at least – it is very interesting to talk about a more sustainable and planet-friendly cuisine.

Sustainable crops, less consumption of any type of meat, reduce waste, use food according to its season and prefer local producers first.

Faced with this concern, many world-famous restaurants and chefs have decided to have their own food production, mostly vegetables and greens.

And there comes the end of the garden of the chefs, or n book written by 40 of the most renowned chefs in the international arena, where they show their own growing areas, at the same time share a couple of recipes own invoice using the food that they themselves produce.

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Turkey Gastronomy

“A garden of lost cultures and forgotten treasures”

This is how celebrity chef Musa Dagdeviren defines a group of restaurants he owns in his beloved Istanbul. Known for the Netflix series Chef Table, Musa aims to raise awareness of traditional Turkish food and preserve it.

As the title indicates, in Turkey Gastronomy we will get to know the culinary culture of a country as diverse in its history as in its cuisine. Full of influences from different cultures, Turkish food is as varied as its regions.

The book gathers 550 recipes with 200 photographs of the different dishes that are exhibited in it, as well as landscapes from all over the country.

An essential for any lover of the kitchen. Discover the Asian and European culinary heritage, made your own, with simple instructions so that anyone can recreate such tasty dishes and exquisite aromas in their own kitchen

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Simple kitchen

We are all capable of cooking the same dishes, only that we put our own style, our own way of cooking. That is the premise with which the prologue begins and is that, although it may seem complicated, preparing a meal does not have to be more than a relaxing and simple experience.

Yotam Ottolenghi is an Israeli media chef living in the UK. He is the author of numerous best-selling cookbooks, as well as several magazine and newspaper articles and columns. He is also the co-owner of several restaurants and shops in London.

Simple kitchen brings together 140 original recipes by the author in which a common element prevails: to provide the reader with simple preparations that they can quickly make in an enjoyable way.

Of course, as the author himself warns at the beginning of the book, anyone who wants to prepare the dishes shown in the book must take a walk to find all the necessary ingredients and that, it is more than certain, will have to visit more than one store.

But we assure you that it is completely worth the effort and that is, with this book you will be able to experience recipes with different and very tasty flavors. An excellent acquisition for any cooking enthusiast.  

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The silver spoon

The bible of Italian cuisine, Il Cucchiaio d’Argento is the quintessential Italian cooking manual. Published in 2006 by the Phaidon publishing house, in 2011 it comes with a new edition that includes more than 400 photographs, as well as collaborations from prestigious chefs from Italy and other Spanish-speaking countries.

The book is an authentic guide, with more than 2000 recipes , from simple dishes to the most complicated recipes that made Italian food famous all over the world.

The silver spoon tells of its origins since 1950 when a group of gastronomes decided to tour Italy with the noble intention of documenting and compiling the country’s gastronomy and presenting it to the general public, starting with the north and the center until finishing with the 16 regions of Italy.

Organized according to food groups, all easily searchable so you can prepare exactly what you want. Vegetables, soups, fish, seafood, lamb or pork; ending with an excellent selection of desserts, each one better than the last.

And in this way we close this list with the best cookery and gastronomy books with a flourish, with an essential for lovers of Italian food, and any food in reality.

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Kitchen content sites often have many errors that are transferable when it comes to implementation. That’s why nothing like a good book with excellent references to help you learn how to please your palate.